Letter to the Editor - July 15: A voice against vaccination

I AM replying to the article in CCA on Wednesday, June 17 titled "Big increase in whooping cough notifications".

The number of notifications of notifiable diseases on its own means nothing.

In fact, the article had no statistics, no scientific study results and no references.

It was fiction dressed up as science.

Below I have presented data from the Department of Health and Ageing:

"From the years 2008-2010, there were a total of 9333 cases of whooping cough reported in children between the ages 0-4 years.

"Among them were 754 who were either too young or otherwise not eligible to have been vaccinated and 1497 for whom vaccine status was not known.

Of the remaining 7082 cases whose vaccine status was known and who were eligible to have received the vaccine, 5236 (75%) were fully vaccinated for their age.

A further 986 (14%) were partly vaccinated and only 800 (11%) were unvaccinated."

We only hear about the deaths and injury from unvaccinated cases.

Let's look at the other side of the coin.

Australian data on the extent of vaccination-induced injury is difficult to obtain.

However, in the United States, 2480 compensation awards totalling more than US$2billion have been paid under the National Childhood Vaccination Injury Act.

The majority of the recipients of this compensation developed inflammation and encephalopathy, resulting in brain damage, associated with the pertussis vaccine.

Also in the United States between the years 2004-2015 there were no reported cases of measles in the United States, but more than 100 deaths reported from the vaccine.

Jean Reid

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