Letter to the Editor - January 10: Drivers should chill out

THERE is a small and ever present number of drivers in the Coffs Harbour area who are unreasonably aggressive.

How can this be when they live in one of the world's most magnificent and well resourced locations?

Coffs Harbour is promoted as "friendly and relaxed", this is contradicted daily as one drives around the area.

I've lived, worked and driven in cities around the world, visit the Coffs area at least five times a year and am continually amazed and appalled by a (thankfully) minority of abusive and disrespectful drivers.

Furthermore, I've had to defend the area's roads and drivers when a colleague visiting on holiday had a threatening experience near the Coffs airport.

Patience is a virtue. I see the same drivers making the same mistakes and overtaking on the left, yelling abuse, talking on hand-held phones (is this only an offence in the city?) and speeding through roundabouts on two wheels and skidding to a halt.

Recent events locally and internationally have changed all of our lives irrevocably, and the minority of local drivers who feel they own the "friendly and relaxed" roads, are well advised to reflect on their good fortune and learn to be patient.

We all have somewhere to go safely.

Go placidly amid the noise and haste North Coasters.... for life is a tenuous thing; hold onto it with both hands and a tolerant heart, you'll feel better for it !

Alison Kew,

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