Letter to the Editor - February 17: Traffic solutions

COFFS Harbour's traffic problems are about to get worse.

Extending Duke St through Pioneer Park to circulate traffic around the CBD will be a nightmare.

The designated route cannot handle the traffic flow without other major works and a loss of parking. The T intersection onto Harbour Dr, only a short distance from the Earl St (Coles) roundabout, will only cause more chaos.

The replacement of a roundabout with traffic lights is retrograde thinking.

Traffic will be backed up through roundabouts to the traffic lights.

It won't take long for the public to avoid the CBD altogether. Businesses in the CBD will suffer.

Furthermore, the council should correct the mess it has created on Harbour Dr at Brelsford Park (Coles). A raised median strip and fence (a la Pacific Hwy) is needed to stop traffic attempting cross-lane turns. The pedestrian crossing on Harbour Dr then should be moved to a point adjacent to the Coles entrance. Its position at the entrance/exit of a roundabout does not make any sense.

A fence and appropriate crossing would prevent the dash of 'brown's cows' that currently occurs and improve pedestrian safety.

Ken Buckley,
Coffs Harbour

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