Letter to the Editor - December 6: City upkeep not my job

I AM very disappointed in the wasteful pretend survey and choice given to ratepayers in our Shire. A careful reading of this material implies that if we do not agree to the rate rise, public utilities will degrade before our eyes. The wording also implies they are already deteriorating.

It is the duty of a council to maintain public utilities and spaces; to maintain our kerbs and public toilets, our parks and sporting fields; to issue parking fines and clean up graffiti. Council officers are meant to ensure night fires are doused on our beaches to protect our lovely littoral remnant bushland. Council officers register our dogs and examine our development applications when building.

Councils in these times ensure there is a public library, a public swimming pool, a regional art gallery, a museum, a theatre built in honour of our war dead - for us and for our grandchildren.

There are public halls for meetings, ramps for everyone to enjoy our beautiful waterways, litter bins, garbage collections and programs to beautify the roads with colourful flower displays and flags. We want to live here because of these things.

If it will cost more, send us a detailed accounting that shows costs are not being covered. Then raise the rates so they are. The council cannot avoid this task.

We have already at great expense in elections given this council the mandate to do their job.

Making it my "choice" to accept deterioration and failure of public utilities is failing to act correctly.

If this council cannot manage to do the job it has been elected to do then all councillors need to resign and admit their failure. All council officers can resign also.

CCHC do your job!

I refuse to respond to this tawdry charade. What an appalling abdication of responsibility.

Julia Nolan

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