Letter to the Editor - December 20: Funding Our Future

MOST of us will have received council's document entitled Funding Our Future. Some of us will not examine it thoroughly, but will at most complete the card giving the two options, both of which assume a rate increase.

Before we take this step, I believe there are two documents mentioned in it that warrant careful attention, as they offer alternatives to the increased rate proposals, at least in part.

I have made the time to read all the relevant documents thoroughly and would urge as many ratepayers as possible to do so, as the devil is in the detail. I recommend turning to the last paragraph on page 5 of the main document, Further Improvement and Efficiencies.

There, council claims to have implemented a 'Transformation to Sustainability' project, using independent consultants. The consultants produced two excellent reports. One, The Organisational Diagnostic, contains 46 pages, and includes 32 recommendations to address the many weaknesses identified within Council management. The other, a Business Case and Indicative Program Plan, also makes interesting reading.

In particular, I would highlight a paragraph on page 11 which states "…there is a pervasive view that improvement can only be achieved with additional resources. This needs to be challenged at all levels and supported by better clarity of performance expectations, improved planning and prioritisation, and prudent management of resources."

My questions to council are: "What is being done to implement the 32 recommendations in the Organisational Diagnostic", and "What steps are being taken to challenge the view that improvement can only be achieved with additional resources, as stated in The Business Case and Indicative Program Plan?".

Jill Nash

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