Letter to the Editor - August 15: The Healthy Eating Capital

I WAS amazed at the front page of the Advocate (August 12) that Coffs Harbour and Grafton have been found to be the Healthy Eating capitals of Australia.

As a health-conscious local, I agree - more people in Coffs Harbour generally eat well due to our lifestyle of staying active.

I was amazed that the survey found Coffs Harbour and Grafton ate better or healthier than anywhere else in Australia based on the research. 

It's quite remarkable, really, given the food choices and options of major cities. 

The push of reality television towards people getting fit is definitely helping in this regard.

Personally, I believe Australia is at a crossroads, as highlighted by the CSIRO research. 

We as a nation want to get fitter - that's the public expectation on people. 

Junk food is getting increasingly dear, and the average Coffs Harbour wage couldn't support a family eating this food every night. 

Alarmingly, though, the head researcher said rather than seeing junk food as a treat or once-a-week meal, Australians are seeing it as suitable daily meal replacement. 

That's a real worry, considering a burger and fries takes an hour of intensive exercise to work off. 

Very few of these people would be 

Let's hope there is a mass revolt away from the fast food giants towards healthy living and eating.

This, in turn, would support small businesses that make healthy food that's just delicious. 

Jane Cooper

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