Letter to the Editor - August 12: Worth the trip, Coffs

CONGRATULATIONS and thank you, Coffs Harbour, for your support, patience and awesome event management during the Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge.

As a first-time participant and regular cyclist, I was extremely impressed with, and appreciative of, the many volunteers who worked behind the scenes and up front to make sure the event was well organised and cyclists were supported.

What struck me most was the amazing drivers.

I did not see one cranky or rude driver (which is very rare!) - on the contrary, in fact.

And on that note, thank you to the lovely lady driving the 4WD who let me into the traffic at the banked-up roundabout at the end of the ride.

I must also acknowledge the wonderful community members who lined the roads and cheered cyclists on - especially the amazing group of pipers who stood mid-way up the biggest hill and played the bagpipes to encourage us.

You have no idea how much you kept us going.

So thank you, Coffs - I appreciate 800 cyclists on your roads would have been inconvenient, but as a driver, paddler and cyclist, I can honestly say, you were outstanding.

I'll be back next year.

Donna Taylor,
Port Macquarie

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