Letters to the editor - July 13, 2016

Let's Keep the Flights Coming

I AM writing to voice my concern on the possible lack of opportunity that our locals are placing in utilising the direct flights from and to Coffs/Brisbane.

I flew in Brisbane and back in May and June and noticed on each flight about 14 or 15 persons on each flight.

I would like to commend Fly Corporate for providing us with this service.

I found the staff really helpful, courteous and professional. No queues in either Coffs or Brisbane.

Flights were on time, and the service and snacks (and beverages) in flight were really good, especially breakfast.

There was loads of leg room, which is so unusual on most airlines today.

The costs of flying is really reasonable, especially considering the exorbitant cost of the previous airline that operated direct flights from and to Coffs Harbour and Brisbane.

I have observed that another airline that currently operates direct flights from and to Coffs/Melbourne is to be suspended.

These airlines are running a business.

If these services are not utilised, they will cease as financially, it is not sustainable for them.

This affects jobs and economics locally.

So I urge locals to utilise these direct services, or take the risk of losing them.

Veronica Yeates, Coffs Harbour


Long-term planning

RE: PIONEER Park and the rest of Coffs Harbour's CBD:

It just goes to show how badly Coffs Harbour has been planned, when you close one street, how congested the CBD, both north and south on the Pacific Hwy and Hogbin Dr becomes.

The council wants Coffs Harbour to become a thriving tourist mecca and the top destination for people to live.

But sadly the past infrastructure hasn't been thought out for the future and that has been highlighted by the chaos caused by closing the Harbour Dr and Gordon St intersection.

Hogbin Dr, for example, will outgrow itself within five years. It should have been four lanes but sadly it now becomes banked up with traffic at Orlando St, near the uni and JPC.

When forecasting major works for our city, think 20 years into the future at least.

It would be more cost-effective building infrastructure 20 years in advance rather then a band-aid solution to the problem we have now.

Leanne Walmsley, Coffs Harbour


Double parking

FURTHER to The Advocate article advising someone like me could incur a $248 fine for awaiting parking access at Park Ave:

As a long-standing ratepayer who is permanently disabled due to post polio, I have no alternative other than to park directly outside this Woolies.

I cannot walk the additional distance from the adjoining car park. As a matter of urgency please implement these curbside spaces for disabled, who genuinely need them. Trusting this request gets implemented to show sense and compassion.

Penny Werner, Coffs Harbour


Listen to speech

SINCE election day there have been numerous dismissive comments about "that 17-minute speech" by Rob Oakeshott in 2010 in which he outlined his reasons for giving support to Julia Gillard to form government.

Those who mock him for taking time to explain his decision probably have not listened to what he said.

Given that lightning has struck twice, potential crossbenchers (and others) might be aided by taking the 17 minutes to see precisely what his reasons were for choosing one side over the other.

Judith Flemming, Sawtell


Political margins

WE TOLERATE the indifference of our local member; he ignores consultation with groups that may rock the Nationals' boat and scoffs when there is a chance that he could possibly be challenged.

Congrats to both Rob Oakeshott and Damian Wood, for the effort they gave to make this seat less predictive.

We can forget about the by-pass, that is just pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking. It remains to be seen if and when we see the promised improvement to the medical campus (pork-barrelling is an art-form).

We need to keep Luke on his toes, he swans around as if he is a saviour for the area - it is time we marshalled some resistance now, don't wait for three months before the next election is called.

Develop some backbone, think positive, waiting for the few crumbs Canberra throw our way. Get off our butts, think about the future of this beautiful area and fight for the improvements it so desperately needs.

Beryl Burke, Coffs Harbour


Dog days are over

CONGRATULATIONS to Mike Baird for the announcement on the ban of greyhound racing in NSW.

It has taken a brave and resolute man to make this ethical decision.

Justice now prevails for the millions of dogs and other animals who suffered and died following systematic abuse over the decades at the hands of unscrupulous participants of the sport.

Judi Chesney-Coward, Sandy Beach


Councillor pay-cuts

READING the Daily Telegraph on Monday 4/7, it was refreshing to read that the councillors of Fairfield Council in Sydney's West are to forego the pay increases and donate those increases to charity. Something they have done for a number of years.

It would also be refreshing to have the councillors in the Coffs Council do exactly the same - including the general manager. Let's put the challenge out to them.

Bruce Watson, Coffs Harbour

Calls to reprise youth centre plan

premium_icon Calls to reprise youth centre plan

Matters up for discussion at Coffs Harbour City Council meeting.

'Ashamed to be Australian': Protesters rally in Coffs

premium_icon 'Ashamed to be Australian': Protesters rally in Coffs

Protesters slam controversial asylum seeker policy in Coffs.

Plastics to play another day at toy swap

Plastics to play another day at toy swap

It will be a fitting finale for Plastic Free July.

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