Lessons of March 31 well learnt

LOCAL reaction to the wild weather engulfing our region yesterday showed we all learnt a thing or two from the recent experience.

The Advocate's photographers spent the day traversing Coffs Harbour and when they returned, they had just three words to describe what they'd seen; “a ghost town”.

Smarted by the events of March 31 which separated many families cut-off by floodwaters, it seems locals were taking no chances this time around.

Kids were kept at home or picked up from schools during the day, cars stayed in garages and all 'non-essential travel' was put aside by all accounts.

Throw in collection of more than 5000 sandbags by residents and it seems we have all adopted a floodwatch program by osmosis.

At the top level, the systems kicked in with equal efficiency.

Emergency Services Minister Steve Whan was in Lismore yesterday for a District Emergency Management Committee meeting that co-ordinated the actions of all the supporting emergency services.

The SES stepped in advising school principals to call-off school for Friday and Councils used the internet to advise everyone about the latest road closures and bridge levels.

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