Left in de Groots wake

DOCTORS told local wake-boarder Jason de Groot not to expect too much.

He’d broken his ankle, spent months in rehabilitation and medical minds thought it would be a while before the 23-year-old would be performing his dazzling heelside 540s again let alone the roll to revert that he got wrong when he injured himself.

Competing in the Pro Wake event on Grafton’s Clarence River, de Groot showed that time away from competition hadn’t dulled his skills and he finished third in the amateur men’s section.

The talented de Groot had his first crack at wakeboarding seven years ago and hasn’t looked back.

“Dad’s always been a skier so we’ve always had boats and I grew up skiing but wakeboarding started coming in and I had a go at it and I think I’ve only skied once or twice since,” he said.

“Dad still gets out and skis sometimes but I’m only wakeboarding now.

“Skiing you can pretty much go from two skis to one ski and then barefoot and that’s pretty much it but with wakeboarding you’re never going to learn everything.

“There’s so many tricks that you’re always learning, always progressing. You’re never going to get to a point where you’ve learned everything and it’s fun as well.”

Now that the season is over, the carpenter is preparing to move to Newcastle which will take him closer to the Sydney-centric competitions as well as trying new tricks for next summer.

“In winter and before comps is when I usually start trying to learn new stuff,” he said.

“I usually just go up, try it, fall off, then try it and fall off until you get it. Some tricks come easy yet other tricks you just work at for months.”

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