PIPING UP: The suspect leak.
PIPING UP: The suspect leak.

Leak blamed for $22,000 water bill

A BOAMBEE property owner is facing a quarterly water bill amounting to $22,442.19 due to what he suspects has been a leaking pipe.

Steven Nathan was left gob smacked when he received a call from Coffs Harbour City Council about the hefty water bill for the period of December 3 and March 19.

"I was talking to the council and they were saying the bill was going to be higher than usual," Steven said.

"The usual water bill we pay is between $150 and $200.

"At worst I expected a bill of $2500, but they said no, no it is $22,500.

"I was in shock. My heart was racing. I didn't know how to respond.

"Trying to make sense of it, I went quiet for a while."

The matter is now in the hands of Coffs Harbour City Council and Local Member Andrew Fraser.

The bill is for the usage of 5.7 million litres of water over the three-month period.

"The volume of water we are talking about equates to 37 litres per minute," Steven said.

"That's enough to fill two and a quarter Olympic swimming pools and could fill our own swimming pool 116 times," he said.

"The council said the leak indicated a flow of nearly seven tanker loads per day for a period of 106 days.

Steve has provided the council with images of the leak and an investigation is underway.

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