There are many things you can do to save money.
There are many things you can do to save money. Thinkstock

Not dripping in gold? How to save money on washday

WASHING is a chore no one really enjoys. And when you learn the average load of washing costs more than $2 per load to dry (in the dryer if you have one), and add up the cost of laundry powder over a year, there are substantial savings that can be made.

Laundry Powder

In order to get their hands on your dough, laundry powder manufacturers make the scoop far larger than is needed to actually wash your clothing. Plus, too much powder or liquid is bad for your machine, bad for your clothing, and bad for your hip pocket.

Solution: Ditch the scoop altogether - throw that bad boy in the bin and grab out a good old fashion dessert spoon. Even for a large machine a dessert spoon is all that is needed to get your clothing nice and clean.

Fabric Softener

I'm not dead, I simply adore the smell of fabric softener. It is gorgeous, makes the clothing smell clean and amazing. It also can clog up the pipes of your machine if you use it too much (boo).

Solution: Half a cup of plain white vinegar in your fabric softener compartment - white vinegar is cheap and makes your clothes nice and soft (and doesn't make them smell like fish and chips).

Another great reason to use white vinegar? It stops body odour smells from setting into clothing. Think about the under arms of men's work shirts - yellow, stinky and nasty. By adding vinegar to every wash, this won't be a problem.

Sort Your Washing - The Right Way

And by the right way - I mean as follows:

Whites and lights

Towels, tea towels, wash cloths


Denim and heavy duty work wear



Never wash towels with ANYTHING other than towels. They destroy clothing. Sorting your washing will ensure your colours stay nice and bright (or dark) and will keep them in good condition which will make them last longer, therefore saving you money! And last but not least:

Your Dryer

If you're dripping in gold and want to ruin the environment then by all means, don't clean your dryer filter after every use. Treat that fluff like liquid gold - take it out every time.

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