Last Drinks for violent drunks

THE city’s mayor has had enough of people getting drunk and acting violently, dangerously and irresponsibly.

In his capacity as the president of the Local Government and Shire’s Association (LGSA) Councillor Keith Rhoades is calling on all political parties to support the Last Drinks campaign in an attempt to stop alcohol-fuelled violence and damage to property and public space.

“The Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) report on ‘Liquor outlet density and assault’ highlights the need to find new measures to address the alcohol-fuelled violence that concerns many councils across NSW,” Cr Rhoades said.

“Councils and the communities they serve are fed up with the violence that occurs when intoxicated patrons congregate near licensed premises late at night.”

He said the situation was taking a huge toll on communities everywhere, and on the resources of councils.

“We’re also fed up with significant costs relating to alcohol-fuelled damage to public and private property.

“The damage to public toilets alone is phenomenal in some council areas.”

The Last Drinks campaign has been formally endorsed by the LGSA as a key issue in their NSW Election Priorities 2011.

The President of the Shire’s Association, Cr Bruce Miller, has also weighed in.

“We’re appalled that the frontline emergency services workers we turn to for assistance in genuine emergencies are spending so much time dealing with the impact of alcohol-fuelled violence,” he said.

The LGSA wants to see an extension of the trial of reduced opening hours across NSW for 12 months, a 1am lockout, and a ban on the sale of shots, mixed drinks with more than 30mls of alcohol and ready mixed drinks stronger than five per cent alcohol after 10pm.

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