Jealous girlfriend regrets paying for boyfriend's lap dance

A GLADSTONE lad took his girlfriend to The Boardroom nightclub and his date treated him by paying for a dancer's sexy lap dance.

It promised to be a steamy sizzle but then the night crashed and burned.

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His girlfriend of a few months got jealous when the dancer's breasts got way too close and personal with her man's face. Perhaps it was his huge grin.

Their fun night out got fiery but for all the wrong reasons and ended with two blown fuses.

The pair fought and back at a house the man tore off her dress, she grabbed a steak knife and then when he tried to leave, she rammed his car.

The night's events unfolded before Gladstone Magistrates Court when the man appeared charged with a domestic violence offence.

Police prosecutor Gavin Reece told magistrate Mark Morrow that when the stripper put her breasts into the man's face the girlfriend got jealous and the pair left the club.

Back at her house they argued and the man, 45, grabbed his bag of clothes when he saw she had a lighter.

Fearful he later told police that he thought she was about to light a fire with his clothes.

"He ripped off all her clothes and underwear, saying it was an attempt to shame her," Mr Reece said.

The man had punched a wall, ripped out some solar lights, picked up his girlfriend's mobile phone and snapped it, then poured a bottle of her vodka down the sink.

Mr Reece said when the woman got a steak knife the man said he pushed her in an attempt to disarm her and then snapped the knife.

The woman had tried to grab his bag of clothes in an attempt to stop him from leaving and when he got inside his vehicle she got into hers and crashed it into his.

The man, 45, pleaded guilty to contravention of a domestic violence order.

Defence lawyer Jun Pepito took issue with the prosecution's use of the word 'stripper', saying "the entertainment was something he (man) could not control".

"Under the circumstances the relationship has ended," Mr Pepito said.

"The main issue is the alcohol taken by both parties. He accepts responsibility."

Mr Morrow said it was unfortunate that their night out did not end well.

The man confirmed to the court that the pair had since split up after a brief romance.

Mr Morrow fined the man $400 and did not record a conviction. It was not known if the woman is charged with an offence.

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