Korora kids cross in path of danger daily

SPEEDING cars and a barely visible student crossing are causing concern for students at Kororo Public School.

Parents and teachers alike have expressed concern over the dangerous nature of the crossing along James Small Drive, which is marked by little more than two orange flags on the side of the road reading “Children Crossing”.

Teacher Julie Nolan has the job of escorting children across the road - but is not to be confused with a lollipop lady.

“I'm not allowed to wear a fluoro jacket, or hold a sign, because we aren't eligible for a lollipop lady.

“It really offends me that I can't have anything to help protect these children,” she said.

“Sometimes people slow down and stop, if they're parents.

“What I wouldn't give for some flashing signs.”

School principal Will Randall said the school was in talks with the council and the RTA to look into reviewing the crossing and it's location.

“There have been a number of instances where the general public have created concern for the students.

“We have started discussions with Council and the RTA and we are hoping to improve the location and structure of the crossing,” Mr Randall said.

“It's a very wide road and unfortunately some of the signage is not obvious because of the foliage surrounding. Obviously we want a positive result, because the safety of the children is paramount.

“It is a concern when we have 500-odd students coming and going in the morning and afternoon.

“Some people haven't registered that it is a 50kmh zone normally and a 40kmh school zone on school days, and some people haven't registered that there's actually a crossing there.

“It's also about educating school crossings and the road rules surrounding schools.”

He said the optimum outcome would be upgrading the crossing so that it is highly visible for drivers.

An RTA spokesperson said that James Small Drive was classified as a local road, and that Coffs Harbour City Council was responsible for the construction and maintenance of pedestrian crossings and signs along the road.

A spokesperson for council said the issue had been listed to go to the traffic committee in the middle of August, and will be looked at then.

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