Kim Kardashian West and son leave hospital

KIM Kardashian West and her newborn son have left the hospital.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star and her three-day old son Saint made a quiet exit from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles on Monday and are now relaxing at Kris Jenner's home, whilst their house is being renovated.

A source told Us Weekly magazine: "They are so ecstatic. Kim and Kanye are both so happy he's here, and Nori is already in love."

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old television personality - who also has two-year-old daughter North - had a "really tough" pregnancy because of her placenta accreta condition, where the placenta fails to detach from the womb.

An insider shared: "She had a really tough birth because of the issues with her placenta."  


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And it hasn't just been the final part of the pregnancy that has been difficult for Kim, as she previously revealed she had to have an External Cephalic Version to have her baby moved from the breech position.

She wrote on her official website: "This weekend I checked into the hospital and underwent a procedure called an ECV (External Cephalic Version, or a Version), which is done to manually turn the baby from a breech position to a head-down position

"They gave me an IV with medication to relax my uterus, and then three doctors attempted to work together to turn the baby. There was a risk that my water might break or the baby's heart rate could drop - in which case, an emergency C-section would then take place. I went in with my sisters and my husband. I was prepared for it all! (sic)"

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