Keeping natives safe

KEEP ME SAFE: Coffs Coast is home to 35 threatened species and home to one of only 12 significant koala populations in NSW.
KEEP ME SAFE: Coffs Coast is home to 35 threatened species and home to one of only 12 significant koala populations in NSW. Ben Beaden

DO YOU know what your dog or cat got up to last night?

Dolphin Marine Magic is urging Coffs Coast residents to get involved and help to save threatened and endangered wildlife by taking part in the Pets Inside To Save Lives program on September 7.

"The idea is very simple but it is easy to take action and make a powerful difference for conservation,” said Aaron Tolley, Manager of Life Sciences at DMM.

"Each night pets such as dogs and cats can potentially kill up to a dozen other animals included threatened or endangered birds, reptiles, mammals or frogs.

"Pets Inside To Save Lives is a unique program, founded by DMM, calling on pet owners to make the simple pledge to keep dogs in yards and cats inside for at least one special night of the year on National Threatened Species Day.”

National Threatened Species Day was established by the government as a day to reflect on the plant and animals species Australia has lost, as well as species still battling against extinction. It takes place annually on September 7 to commemorate the death of the last known living thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) at Hobart Zoo in 1936.

"Because many native animals species are nocturnal, they are more susceptible to dog and cat attack at night after they leave the safety of trees or shelter to move around or find food,” Aaron said.

"When people find out how easy it is to keep pets contained at night and make a real difference, we are hoping they will join us and decide to keep their dogs or cats inside every night.”

To take the pledge of keeping your pet inside to save lives, sign up on the Pets Inside To Save Lives Facebook page or at

Pets Inside To Save Lives is just one of a number of conservation initiatives operated by DMM.

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