Keeping Hands Handy
Keeping Hands Handy

Keeping Hands Handy

FINGER injuries are often discounted as a 'minor injury' when they first occur, and self-managed.

That dislocated finger 'popped back in' on the football field, that weakened painful thumb after a twisting strain, or the inability to bend the end finger joint (distal interphalangeal or DIP joint).

Immediately following the injury or next morning people often pump their hand open/closed saying 'No, no, I can move it -it'll be OK.' Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Imagine a little finger you cannot fully tuck in to grip that hammer firmly. Or the thumb that is painful every time you try to pinch or press between the thumb and index finger. Unfortunately this can be the outcome when such ''minor injuries" as described above are not given the appropriate early treatment the need to heal strongly and in good position.

This week is "Hand Therapy Week," acknowledging the special skills Hand Therapists have in managing conditions impacting the hand and upper limb from work-related over-use to major trauma such as tendon or nerve repairs, fractures to amputations.

Faye Wiffen is our local physiotherapist from Coffs Shoulder and Hand Clinic who has worked and trained in Hand Therapy over the past 10 years, and has now gained her international accreditation as a Certified Hand Therapist - the only one between Newcastle and the Gold Coast. Her presence on the MNC has saved patients hundreds of hours traveling to our capital cities in order to receive this specialist treatment.

Faye has a passion not only for restoring full function after any hand injury, but also to educate the public that early treatment of any hand injury is always best. But also that despite common belief, much can be done to help those who suffer from pain and impairment due to arthritis of their hands.

During Hand Therapy Week, Faye is taking calls to answer any queries or concerns anyone may have regarding their hand or upper limb problem.

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