Letter to the Editor - March 30:Keep crown land profits local

THE site of the Forestry Commission offices at the Jetty is to be sold.

Apart from the fact the office building itself is a landmark of distinctive style, that could possibly be considered a heritage building.

An older commercial building of some style would be hard to find in Coffs Harbour - a town recently transformed by run-away growth where everything is "new".

I would leave such considerations for others to decide.

My point is will the State Government guarantee the money raised from the sale of (a Coffs Harbour asset) be re-invested in Coffs Harbour?

It seems much of the asset sales by the State Government are re-invested in the megapolis that is the Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong conurbation.

There are parts of the state where "New South Wales" has a different meaning.

Coffs Harbour has its own infrastructure difficulties not the least being a huge traffic snarl north-south, which can only get worse even after the bypass eventually appears.

It badly needs an internal m-something commuter road to update the present road heritage left by bullock team routes and inadequate subsequent road planning.

Our traffic problems are not all through traffic related issues.

Tom Caldwell

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