The Northern Star will miss your sense of humour, Tyson Yates.
The Northern Star will miss your sense of humour, Tyson Yates. Marc Stapelberg

This just in: Tyson is out - The best resignation letter yet

HERE at The Northern Star office we all had a bit of a giggle when our colleague, Tyson Yates, put forward his resignation letter.

Just to be clear, we aren't laughing because he's leaving (We're actually quite sad) but because his resignation letter, later put up on the staff noticeboard, is hilarious - in true "Ty Ty" style.

Take a look (and yes, this was his actual resignation letter): 


To whom it may concern,

I am writing to inform you that after much consideration I must regrettably resign from my position as commercial features writer at the Northern Star as of October 6.  

Like a beautiful butterfly must leave the bounds of its cocoon to flourish, I too must shed the shackles of community news and commercial features in order to stretch the wings of my ambition to one day nibble on the plump leaf of success.

I have very much enjoyed my time as a deckhand onboard the S.S. Star which I am certain is manned by a crew of fantastic colleagues answering faithfully to a captain whose honor is as dependable as his shirts are colorful. 

The skills I have gained throughout my role with the paper will contribute greatly to my future career.

And trust me, if getting a job is as easy as writing metaphor-heavy resignation letters I'm going to be as fine as caster sugar. 

Look for my name in the future for whether it be written in lights on Broadway or an application form for Subway, just know it is the name of a happy man, a humble man, a man who has learnt above all else to cap the first word.

Tyson "Ty Ty" Yates

In case you missed it...

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After the letter unexpectedly did the rounds of the office, Tyson did offer an explanation.

"As a journalist I figured that I should probably try and put together a letter that would be interesting to readers, which at that stage was only supposed to be the editor of the Northern Star," Tyson said.

"In putting the resignation letter together I did try and contact myself to arrange an interview but I was unavailable for comment so in the end I thought I'd take the creative route instead."

We will certainly miss your sense of humour (and your knack for pun-filled headlines), Tyson. 

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