Just the Guy for the job

IT took Dorrigo horseman Arnold Duckett four years to catch 'Guy Fawkes Clyde'.

He first saw the handsome brumby in the Guy Fawkes Gorge in 1993.

“He really stood out,” Arnold said.

“He was a stallion running with a mob of mares and foals at the time. When I finally got him out and on his own I broke him in within a week. Then I rode him 30 kilometres into town and back every day for the next four months.”

Arnold has nothing but praise for Clyde, who he says is very disciplined and a real one-man horse.

“It's in his nature to respect a pecking order. He grew up running with the pack in the Guy Fawkes.”

He said brumbies were excellent horses to ride through rough country.

“They have very tough feet and are very sure-footed.

“I love riding him down in the gorge - he knows he's in home territory, where he used to run.”

Unfortunately Clyde's bloodline won't be continued as he was gelded some months after he was caught.

“I gelded him because I was planning to breed from another big gold stallion. Unbelievably that stallion was struck by lightning - that really flattened me.”

On Anzac Day 'Guy Fawkes Clyde' was doing what his World War One heritage horse bloodline intended him to do - leading soldiers in a parade.

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