Artist impressions of the Coffs Harbour Pacific Highway Bypass.
Artist impressions of the Coffs Harbour Pacific Highway Bypass. RMS

Just build the @#$%^ bypass

WALKING along an extremely hot concrete path at the Jetty Market on Sunday morning I met a young couple coming the other way.

As we passed I heard the man say to his partner 'they should just build the ***** thing'.

It looked like they had been reading the information at the highway bypass booth.

Thinking about this that afternoon I thought perhaps he was a road contractor, looking forward to a well paid job, close to home.

It seemed like a logical conclusion. Although the work would still be there with a modified design.

I find it difficult to imagine that anyone could favour subjecting a large number of people to living behind double glazing and air filtration systems.

What would be the psychological implications of a life in permanent muffled isolation. You would think we would be breeding an entire race of sleep deprived, damaged people.

Shame if they used to enjoy a BBQ with the mates or playing cricket in the backyard with the kids.

We all support the Australian ideal of a fair go.

Lindsay David

Artist impressions of the Coffs Harbour Pacific Highway Bypass.
Artist impressions of the Coffs Harbour Pacific Highway Bypass. RMS

Scrap over visiting metal purchasers

YOU may be aware that the Coffs Harbour Showground is being used as a pop up scrap metal yard for an out of town recycler. We have a number of concerns with this practice:

  •  The use is far outside the ambit of the showground. It's a place for fun, community and learning; not waste collection.
  •  The pop up scrap yard draws business away from local recyclers who employ locals and pay rates. Locals provide a year round service to the community. Transient recyclers will reduce the viability of local recyclers.
  •  Permanent recyclers operate sites with council approvals and appropriate environmental controls. There are no controls in place for this scrap metal recycling.

 The operation appears to be in contravention of the NSW Scrap Metal Industry Act that requires all recycling to be conducted from licenced premises and bans the use of cash.

Sell and Parker welcome competition, but in this case this is facilitating outsiders to gain an unfair advantage over local businesses.

Luke Parker

What will be the legacy of Jetty plans?

I ADMIT to being disappointed after reading an article in our paper dated in October and am amazed at the short sightedness of the proposed development of our Jetty Foreshores.

We are deciding the future of the most valuable parcel of land in Coffs Harbour, which stretches from the most southern part of Jordan Parade some 700 meters going north to the roundabout.

I understand that the land is state government owned.

It is the people of Coffs Harbour who should benefit from a proposed development.

If the people of our city are to be the beneficiaries then the last thing we want is the area to be clogged up with some 400-500 apartments along Jordan Esplanade in what ought to be regarded as the playground for our future generation.

There is no doubt that the present proposed development will create major problems, a major issue is the one of parking.

I respectfully suggest that what ought to be considered is moving the existing Jordan Parade westward towards the railway line, thus creating additional recreational space as well as badly needed parking.

Vehicular access would prove to be a seriously issue should the present development get the green light.

I believe that the people of Coffs Harbour are not interested in how much money is going to be made by those involved in the present development proposal, we are far more interested in the legacy we can leave to our children, they are the ones who are going to accuse us for of being short sighted.

Today we still have a clean sheet, let's not waste it, together as the people of Coffs Harbour we ought to become visionaries and reject the planning of this area by the experts in Sydney.

Dik Bienefelt

Brainwashing of school children

IT IS a disgusting scenario whence we witness the inclusion of innocent school children being systematically brainwashed by the left leaning socialist teachers federation and its members.

Surely with the national statistics on child learning and academic levels, which I am confidently informed are of the same level internationally that of Kazakstan surely these alumini of who place we place our trust in to educate our children should take more of a priority in teaching our children rather than this politically correct attempt at vote gaining nonsense.

These children are not of the age to fully understand nor make such a critically informed decisions of which they are expected by these left wing miscreants.

How about let's get back to basics of reading writing and arithmetic for which we as a nation as I have previously mentioned are so behind I was totally disgusted when reading of the above by these school teachers now involving school children in their arguments.

This is not a forum that children should be involved in whatsoever.

If teachers want to voice an opinion then so be it.

Once upon a time teacher's were looked up to along side Bank managers, doctors and professionals of equal standing.

Tony Boulton

Open letter to Cowper candidates

LISTED are what I want from my government: Immediate action on climate change, reducing our net emissions to zero at the earliest time.

The processing of all asylum seekers onshore and adequate support to refugees, to enable them to get on with their lives and join our community, proper funding of NSW Health, proper funding of our education system from cradle to grave, social housing building projects that meet the needs of our community and redresses the lack of investment by past administrations, changes to employment legislation to redress the imbalance in the employer employee relationship. That is for starters from me.

I urge everyone to consider what they want from our government and to write to our candidates to let them know what policies to implement, if they want your vote.

Robin Hesketh, Bellingen

Praise for residents making a stand

CONGRATULATIONS to the Moonee Beach Action Group for its united and longstanding persistence at the Land and Environment Court Conciliation Conference last Thursday, opposing the construction of an ill-conceived highway service station alongside a childcare centre and close to residences.

It is an inspirational example to all our communities which may at times face inappropriate development.

It is easy to be defeatist, shake our heads and say, "that's progress".

It's also easy to be negative and complain about our elected decision makers; but we do live in a democracy with procedures in place which we can use to voice our concerns and guide the same decision makers, with hopefully better community outcomes.

In that sense we should also congratulate our Coffs Harbour City Council for listening to the Moonee Beach community and supporting their very real concerns.

Perhaps now the developer will also do the same.

Dave Wood

Unfair comments by the Labor candidate

I'M disgusted and terribly disappointed with comments made by Andrew Woodward regarding Nationals choice for candidate Mr Gurmesh Singh in last week's paper.

Our seniors group had the opportunity of meeting Mr Singh personally when we inspected the blueberry facility recently.

True Mr Singh is vice-president of the Australian Blueberry Growers Association - but he works for a co-operative of many local blueberry farmers who applied for and have successfully received government funding grants - and look at what the collective have done with it. 

The redevelopment of the old Bunning's building in England's Road is a credit to their hard work and the jobs they have and will continue to provide, as they expand this international export market. 

This is something which should be applauded. If Mr Singh serves his Community as our representative, with the same passion and skills as he has for the Blueberry Association, I believe he deserves consideration for the position. No mud slinging please.

Margaret Bridgman

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