Details emerge of night Caleb died

MORE details have emerged of the incident which claimed the life of Nambucca Heads teenager Caleb Jarrett two years ago.

One young witness at the Coffs Harbour Supreme Court murder trial today became emotional when detailing his version of events.

The young man told the court he and Mr Jarrett were part of a group walking in the town on February 14, 2009, when a car came out "loud and fast" onto the road near them.

“The car came out and I don’t know if it swerved or didn’t see him (Mr Jarrett),” the witness said.

“Caleb swung at the car but I don’t know if he hit it or not. Old mate in the car pulled up very quickly, put it in reverse and backed out and he jumped out of the car and left the car running.

“As he jumped out he was holding something in his hand. Someone said he had a knife. I thought it was keys.”

The witness said the man and Mr Jarrett exchanged words and as the driver walked up, Mr Jarrett waited for him.

“They just got into it,” the witness said.

“I don’t know who threw the first punch. Caleb grabbed old mate’s shirt and old mate swung at him.

“Caleb dove down and swung his head back and both were swinging at each other. Caleb grabbed him and they went down on their knees and they were still swinging at each other.”

The witness said members of the group walked over and intervened.

The driver, he said, bent over and picked up something and walked back to his car.

The witness said Mr Jarrett had a "massive" gash on his right leg and he later noticed when he pulled up his shirt he had a "big" gash on his stomach and three or four stab wounds to his chest.

One of the group dialled triple-0.

Mitchell Anthony Winefield has pleaded not guilty to murder. It is alleged the former Nambucca Heads auto-electrician stabbed the 18-year-old multiple times during a dispute in Mann Street.

The trial is into its second week and is expected to last for another two weeks with as many as 30 witnesses called.

Jurors will tomorrow visit key sites relating to the trial.

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