Editorial -December 20: Jumping for joy at the bowser

WHEN it comes to early and unexpected Christmas presents it's one we can all savour, despite the lack of colourful wrapping and fanfare.

Here at the Advocate we received a number of calls on Friday morning that petrol prices were finally starting to come down at service stations across the city.

Understandably, many callers were perplexed. After all, traditionally prices almost always go north as the highway groans with a groundswell of additional holiday traffic.

But not this year, for now at least.

Hearing motorists excitedly rejoice at paying just $1.44 a litre or thereabouts for unleaded did leave a few of us amused, particularly the colleague who paid just $1.28 in Newcastle last weekend and another whose dad was boasting of forking out a whopping $1.23 in Sydney.

Of course there are still plenty of places in NSW paying more than us to fill up at the bowser, but you've got to wonder why it's taken so long for prices to drop when international oil prices have been in freefall for months.

How long the dip in prices will last is anyone's guess - and yes, they'll probably go back up quicker than they came down - but for now it's a festive windfall worth celebrating.

Graeme Singleton,

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