School principal gives PM the big thumbs up.
School principal gives PM the big thumbs up.

Julia's a Toormina hero

PUPILS at Toormina High School watched the downfall of a Prime Minister yesterday on the laptops he effectively gave them.

Steered by education minister Julia Gillard, the ‘Building the Education Revolution’ had real impact on local schools and the significance of yesterday’s sensational events were not lost at the grassroots level.

“The Building Education Revolution and the Digital Education Revolution have transformed the country’s schools giving greater opportunities to every student,” said the principal of Toormina High Liz Donnan.

Ms Donnan, a dyed in the wool Labor voter, said she was delighted by Ms Gillard’s move into the top job.

“I think it’s a terrific step for the country to have a woman as our prime minister,” Ms Donnan said.

“However, I think it will be absolutely wonderful when gender won’t be a matter for comment with the rise of our next female prime minister.

“Kevin Rudd did a terrific job, particularly with the state of the Australian economy, saving half a million jobs. He is also to be commended for his policy in bringing change in health services, which we will soon see, as well as education.”

Under the government’s $16.2 billion economic stimulus, Toormina High has received a covered all-weather outdoor sports and learning facility.

While Ms Gillard’s digital revolution policy has provided a laptop computer to every Year 9 and 10 student at the school.

“The Digital Education Revolution has given students access to the world,” added Ms Donnan.

“It has made a huge difference in their lives and completely changed teaching practices – it’s been absolutely enormous.”

Ms Donnan said principals and school boards across the country were looking forward to Julia Gillard’s planned funding review of the education system.

“Under the policy, schools with a higher percentage of students from lower socio-economic backgrounds will receive greater funding to bridge the gap in opportunities that other students enjoy,” she said.

“While our school won’t benefit from this, others will so that’s important.

“Julia Gillard has done so much in allowing all Australian students to access education.”

Ms Donnan’s sentiments were shared throughout the party faithful across the region yesterday.

Coffs Harbour ALP president Steve Pratt said as a parent, he had seen the benefits the stimulus package had brought to local schools.

“My wife Annette was on the Tyalla Public School P&C for about five years, and our children have been at school for 13 years, in that time teachers say they have never seen a greater investment in NSW public schools,” Mr Pratt said. “This program has taken the pressure off P&Cs of these schools whose job is to raise money.”

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