Reader wasn't convinced with Barnaby Joyce's explanation.
Reader wasn't convinced with Barnaby Joyce's explanation. DAVID MOIR

Joyce interview 'what a cop out'

BARNABY Joyce's interview with Leigh Sales on ABC 7.30 was a total cop out, naming his right to privacy as not having to explain his actions.

Here is a married man, openly having an affair with a female staffer,who regularly travels with him at our expense, whilst on our payroll to represent us, as Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

His mind was definitely not on 'the job' he was being paid for.

Not to mention the huge cost of a bi-election, and his referral to the High Court, he should lose his job, he has always been a joke, but now just a liability and should not be let off so lightly!

Get rid of him, and let's get a person of integrity to fill his role, he has proven more than once that he can't be trusted.

Ziggy Koenigseder, Coffs Harbour

Pete's Place homeless laundry.
Pete's Place homeless laundry. Trevor Veale

Dedicated to helping the homeless

REGARDING the lead article "Pete's Place" (Advocate, February 7).

The building of laundry and bathroom facilities for the homeless was also the brainchild of Coffs South Rotary Club member Bill Lidster, who was heavily involved in the drawing up of the building plans, and the co-ordination of suppliers of trades and services during the build.

The building is now in use: Bill's vision has been realised.

He is one of four Rotary members, retired men, who, as volunteers (i.e. unpaid), worked many hours on weekdays for several months to turn Bill's vision into reality.

Robin Hepi (chief builder and project manager), Bill Lidster, Jim Nolan and Peter Rheinberger's invaluable contribution to the project warrants community acknowledgement.

Julie Weckert

Pete's Place: Dave Tilson and Robin Osborne.
Pete's Place: Dave Tilson and Robin Osborne. Trevor Veale

Blow your own trumpet

MY lament is the work for the betterment of our community by service clubs goes largely unappreciated and by that I mean the community is largely ignorant of what has and continues to be provided for them by us.

In our local area we have the rehabilitation of the Jetty Foreshores, Rotary Park, the Police Citizens Club, Shearwater Lodge, Medical Equipment, The CAT Scanner, support of Charitable and Volunteer organisations and individuals, The Disabled Change Facility and most recently, 'Pete's Place' that provides shower and clothes washing facilities for the Homeless.

In service clubs it is always a struggle to attract new members and those of us who are aren't getting any younger.

While The Advocate has given my Club Rotary Coffs South a good run with our annual 'Bookfest', we have only received scant recognition for the community facilities that the monies received have provided.

Pete's Place has been named by St Vincent de Paul in recognition of a bequest and their support in getting the project up was part of a collaboration of several organisations prior to and post the community grant from CHCC and the society has undertaken to administer the facility for the next several years.

From now on I have no issue with them receiving the accolades that they will so richly deserve but, it needs to be recognised that this project wouldn't have seen the light of day if it wasn't for the Rotary Club.

We and especially one of our members have tirelessly worked on this for the better part of two years, raising funds, engaging other organisations and liaising with the council.

Once the grant was approved and after the turning of the first sod, a small dedicated group of volunteers have tirelessly worked over the past four months to build it.

These were all retirees with an average age well above 70.

While we don't do projects to be recognised, the only payment we in service clubs receive is the appreciation of our communities. What recognition achieves is an opportunity to engage.

Next time a service club asks for your support or assistance or, even invites you along, think before you decline. You can only appreciate when you participate. If you don't, one day we will no longer be there to be one of the glues that bind us together.

Peter Farquhar


Reader says don't diss the dogs.
Reader says don't diss the dogs. Warren Lynam

We're all for the dogs'

TO THE many dog lovers out there, the wonderful rescue groups, walkers, kids and carers.

Hi my name is Fleur. I am a happy much loved kelpie/border collie rescue dog and I am a bit 'pawed 'off with your comments A. Thomas in Your Say February 3 'Crackdown on dogs'.

I just want to clear a few things up you have it wrong, it is not our fault.

I am a big part of my family, I am included in most activities, I enjoy nothing better than a good run, or two a day, meeting up with my mates, a ride in the ute, camping, lots of praise, cuddles, I am happy to sit and stay when I am asked.

I am loyal, I have lots of things to keep me occupied if I am home alone, I sometimes need to be the watch dog at my house, I am loved so much by my owners.

So I think your beef is not with us dogs, it's with some owners of dogs.

My gorgeous owner Maree wrote this poem back in 2009, hopefully after reading My Say today, we will see a smile.

'If there were no dogs in our lives,

There would be no nurture, no softness no calming, no interaction,

There would be no peace of mind, no forgiving, and no acceptance,

of what challenges life can deal us, and sometimes face us with, and how we handle things. Puppies need what you can give them, guidance, commitment, and sometimes a voice.

And they will give it back tenfold Guaranteed.

Take them under your wing

Care for them unconditionally, as they do you.'

Maree and Fleur Crook, Mullaway

New tenant announced for old fishing club site

premium_icon New tenant announced for old fishing club site

Three year tenancy announced by council for prime foreshores site.

Boat ramp is a no go

premium_icon Boat ramp is a no go

Don't load up your boat to use the ramp.

Check ramp conditions

Check ramp conditions

Beware of work happening at the ramp this weekend.

Local Partners