Toowoomba Courthouse
Toowoomba Courthouse Bev Lacey

Jail for man who wrestled police in Toowoomba court

A TOOWOOMBA man who didn't take kindly to being refused bail and wrestled with police has been handed a suspended jail term.

Judge Dennis Lynch QC noted William John Currey had already spent 127 days in pre-sentence custody when he appeared before Toowoomba District Court to pleaded guilty to a charge of serious assault.

Crown prosecutor Paul Bannister told the court Currey had been arrested and appeared in Toowoomba Magistrates Court on July 4 but he objected to being refused bail by the magistrate.

As he was being led back to the watch house the 29-year-old had resisted police efforts to remove him from the court, the court heard.

Currey's barrister Frank Martin said his client had clearly resisted police as opposed to assaulting the officers.

"He was given the option of the easy way or the hard way... he went the hard way," Mr Martin submitted.

Judge Lynch said the prisoner should be given credit for the time he had spent in custody.

He sentenced Currey to three months in jail but ordered the whole term be suspended forthwith to hang over his head for six months.

However, Currey was not released from custody as he was still facing unrelated charges of aggravated supply of dangerous drugs within a correctional facility, fail to take reasonable care in respect of a syringe or needle, possessing dangerous drugs and unlawful supply of a hypodermic syringe or needle.

Those matters are progressing through the Magistrates Court.

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