Pair in Bonnie, Clyde crime spree

QUEENSLAND man Christopher James Burgess is staring down the barrel of a lengthy jail sentence over “a Bonnie and Clyde-style” crime spree with a female friend.

Burgess has pleaded guilty to a raft of serious charges, admitting he broke into a McDonalds, robbed two video stores, assaulted an employee and led police in a pursuit.

It all started with the theft of a Hyundai Excel in Queensland, which Burgess and his accomplice drove to the Gold Coast.

The 24-year-old’s next crime occurred at the Ballina McDonalds on September 26.

At 12.45am he jemmied open a drive-through window and stole a cash register.

A day later they were in Woolgoolga. This time his friend distracted an employee at the town’s Video Ezy.

Then Burgess walked in, opened the till and took all its contents.

The employee confronted him and was knocked to the ground.

Spending time at a Coffs Harbour hotel, the couple later pulled the same stunt at Video Ezy Coffs Harbour.

Police sped to the scene at 8.20pm spotting the Hyundai in traffic.

Giving chase, the officers drew their firearms, but Burgess sped off crashing into a parked car in Albany Street.

His passenger was arrested, but Burgess fled copping a dose of capsicum spray from a policeman who arrested him in Park Avenue Lane.

Burgess has pleaded guilty and will appear in the Coffs Harbour District Court in June.



Using a motor vehicle to avoid police apprehension – a charge that carries a maximum sentence in NSW of 12 years’ imprisonment

Driving a stolen vehicle, carrying a maximum of 10 years’ jail.

Break, enter and steal from Ballina McDonalds taking $496.05 – a maximum sentence of 14 years

Stealing $332.60 from Video Ezy Woolgoolga – a maximum sentence of five years’ jail

Assault on an employee of the video store – a maximum sentence of two years jail

Stealing $470 from Video Ezy Coffs Harbour – a maximum sentence of five years in jail

Driving in a dangerous manner – a maximum of three years’ imprisonment

Mid-range drink driving – an expected licence disqualification

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