Jai Morcom’s dad Steve Drummond hands out pamphlets titled Truth 4 Jai to students as they arrive at Mullumbimby High School two weeks ago.
Jai Morcom’s dad Steve Drummond hands out pamphlets titled Truth 4 Jai to students as they arrive at Mullumbimby High School two weeks ago. DAVID NIELSEN

Jai Morcom's dad waits for findings

JAI MORCOM’S dad Steve Drummond has praised the principal of the Brisbane high school where 12-year-old Elliot Fletcher was stabbed to death on Monday.

Elliot, 12, died of stab wounds after an altercation at St Patrick’s College in the Brisbane suburb of Shorncliffe.

Mr Drummond’s son, Jai, died following a schoolyard brawl at Mullumbimby High School last August, and the distraught father has repeatedly criticised the NSW Education Department’s hand-ling of the ordeal and the ‘snail pace’ of the subsequent police investigation.

“I was impressed that the principal up there had the guts to take a leadership role and speak publicly about the ordeal,” he said.

Mr Drummond also praised the Queensland police for making an immediate arrest and the Queensland Government for their response.

“That threw out a big message that is going to have an imminent effect. and I hope that maybe that was because of what happened to my son,” he said.

“It’s been without a doubt 100 per cent better than down here, because virtually nothing has happened down here.”

An image from the Facebook page ‘R.I.P. Elliot Fletcher’.Mr Drummond is afraid the slow speed of the inquiry will prevent the truth ever coming out.

“A lot of kids at Mullumbimby High are still really cut up about this,” he said.

“I’ve spoken to witnesses who haven’t been interviewed yet by police, andmany of them have seen things that they simply don’t want to remember.”

Mr Drummond said the schoolyard death of Elliot had him reliving his own experience.

“That was just horrifying. I automatically had an affinity with those parents. They must be gutted,” he said.

Mr Drummond also questioned academics who have spoken in the wake of the deaths of Elliot and Jai, stating the increase in violent video games and such is not related to youth violence.

“It’s just ludicrous. Where are they getting their research from?” he asked.

“Obviously not from someone on street level.

“Ask yourself if you spent six hours a day watching violent images without real consequences; being shown that violence is a viable and quick way to resolve conflict, wouldn’t that affect you?”

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