Incentives are still in place for adopting solar initiatives.
Incentives are still in place for adopting solar initiatives.

It's your time to shine with solar

THE Federal Government provides solar incentives in the form of energy certificates.

Solar hot water and solar electricity are both eligible for STCs (small-scale technology certificates) which have a monetary value.

This monetary value can be given as a point-of-sale discount depending on where you buy your solar system.

The amount of STCs generated is dependent on the size of the solar power system, how much energy it can create or the efficiency of the solar hot water system, how much energy it can save.

The value of these STCs can fluctuate up and down as they are traded on the open market.

Once you have had your solar electricity or solar hot water system installed, you will be entitled to these STCs.

To instantly access the financial benefit attached to these certificates all you need to do is assign them over to your solar provider in return for a point-of-sale discount.

The value offered by your solar retailer should be the current market value offered by energy brokers who buy, create, manage and onward sell them.

You can elect to hold onto them for later trade if you feel the price per STC may increase.

However, if you do hold onto the certificates then you will be paying the full price of the solar system, in other words you will not get a point-of-sale discount from your solar retailer.

It gets better…….

The Federal Government has a further incentive in place called the Solar Credits Scheme.

Under the scheme, if you install an approved solar power system up to 1.5kWs in size before the end of June next year you will get double the number of energy certificates.

As a guide, under the Solar Credits Scheme a 1.5kW solar system will generate about 62 energy certificates.

The certificates are currently worth about $25 each, meaning that you can get just over $1500 knocked off the cost of your new solar system.

A new solar hot water system will generate about 30 energy certificates worth around $750 at today's rate.

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