It's quiz time

TAKE a break and have some fun testing your general knowledge with this quiz compiled by Roy O'Reilly. Answers below.

1. To make peace is said to bury the (a) hammer (b) hatchet (c) knife?

2. The traditional colour of London taxis is (a) black (b) white (c) yellow?

3. Was folk hero William Tell English or Swiss?

4. Don King is noted US promoter of (a) boxing (b) celebrity speakers (c) real estate?

5. The three tallest buildings in Europe are in (a) Berlin (b) Moscow (c) Paris?

6. Daryl Braithwaite was lead vocalist of which band from 1970 to 1984?

7. In which 2015 movie did Brie Larson play a young woman abducted at the age of 17 and held captive inside a small suburban backyard shed for seven years?

8. Argentina and Brazil are the only countries which border which other country?

9. NED is the code for which country at the Olympics?

10. Liza Todd is the daughter of which Hollywood star?

11. NRL chief Todd Greenberg recently ordered which Brisbane Bronco to fly to Sydney where he was issued with a final warning over his off-field behaviour?

12. The predominant colour in the Australian Senate is (a) blue (b) green (c) red?

13. Which country has the world's oldest constitution (a) Australia (b) Russia (c) USA?

14. Xi Jinping has been president of which country since 2013?

15. How many of the four players in the 2017 Australian Open men's and women's tennis singles finals were in their thirties?

16. Bimbi is in which Australian state/territory?

17. MPs in which state were dubbed "the suicide squad" when they voted in 1921 to abolish the upper house of parliament (Legislative Council)?

18. Which river flows over the Victoria Falls?

19. What is the highest number on a dartboard?

20. "When you're alone, and life is making you lonely, you can always go downtown” are lyrics from which song?

21. Which high school drop-out was recently sworn in as the first female chief justice of High Court of Australia?

22. Last year, what did protesters use to attach themselves to a railing in federal parliament?

23. Name the only number that is one away from a square number and one away from a cube number.

24. Who was the most recent US president to have first and last names beginning with the same letter?

25. Which third century BCE Greek scientist invented a device with a revolving screw-shaped blade inside a cylinder used for removing bilge water from ships?

ANSWERS: (b) hatchet. 2. (a) black. 3. Swiss. 4 (a) boxing. 5. (b) Moscow. 6. Sherbert. 7. Room. 8. Uruguay. 9. Netherlands. 10. Elizabeth Taylor. 11. James Roberts. 12. (c) red. 13. (c) USA. 14. China. 15. Four. 16. New South Wales. 17. Queensland. 18. Zambezi River. 19. 20. 20. Downtown. 21. Susan Kiefel. 22. Superglue. 23. 26. 24. Ronald Reagan. 25. Archimedes.

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