It’s not the size that matters, it's all about how it works


My penis has a bend in it.

When I'm with a girl it is really embarrassing to me.

Is my penis normal?

And what is the average to large size, really?

I know some people say size doesn't matter but, if that was really true, why does everyone keep going on about size?

I don't watch a lot of porn, but when I do see a guy in a porno, his penis is always huge, and like a giant straight rod, which makes me feel even worse.


You're right that there is a great deal of emphasis on penis size, by both men and women.

There is pressure from our increasing interest in porn and visual sexual stimuli to try to "measure up" to what we see.

However representations in pornography do not reflect the real world.

"Normal" in the real world is a range.

There is no magic number, shape or size.

Just as everyone has a unique face, everyone's genitalia is unique too - and that goes for men and woman alike. No one looks the same or has the identical shape and size.

A penis with a bend is very common.

The penis, contrary to popular myth is not a "bone" or a muscle.

It is erectile tissue that fills with blood to get hard, as and as such, can take on variation in whether it bends to the left, or right, or angles upwards or straight out.

Every penis is wonderfully different!

The penis simply fills with blood and becomes stiff, rather than longer.

Never judge a softie!

As far as size of the erect penis, the general range is between 5-6 inches, with a wider range of self reporting men stating sizes between 4.8 inches to 7 inches (12-17.5cm).

Let me explain in brief, why the size or shape of your penis isn't the most important factor in pleasuring your girlfriend.

The vagina is what is called a "potential space".

This means is stretches to accommodate what is placed inside it.

It will snugly wrap around whatever size you are, and it's the motion that will stimulate her physically.

What's more, the pleasurable nerves are only located on the outer one third of the vagina - any deeper and she's not feeling it anyway!

And even more: the average vagina is only 4 inches long to begin with.

Many women report men who are too long can actually feel uncomfortable or even painful.

More still: the most nerve endings - eight thousand of them - are not even inside the vagina - they are in the clitoris, which is where you want to be spending more of your attention!

Remember: whether your willy is a weenie or a wowza, it's all about how you work it.

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