'It was pretty bloody lucky that his mate jumped in'

A man was rescued after he fell down an embankment on McDermotts Road at Calen overnight.
A man was rescued after he fell down an embankment on McDermotts Road at Calen overnight. Nev Madsen

UPDATE: A MAN who slipped and fell about 10 metres down an embankment into a shallow, crocodile infested creek while fishing has been saved by a quick thinking mate.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Service station officer Matt Geiger said about 12.30am on Saturday his team was called to a fall off McDermotts Road, Calen.

Arriving on scene, after being forced to hitch a lift with a member of the public in a four-wheel drive down a trail, he discovered a man had held his friend's head above the water level.

"He'd slipped from the edge of the creek bank and it was about a 10 to 12 metre fall from the bank into the water. It was low tide, so it was a big drop," Mr Geiger said.

"One of his friends has heard him fall over. Saw his mate face first in the water by the sounds of it.

"So he jumped down the bank, took some skin off, and turned his mate over and held his head above the water until we got there, after QAS.

"They think the fellow who fell down the embankment was unconscious for a short time. It was pretty bloody lucky that his mate jumped in."

Mr Geiger said two fire and rescue personnel and and a paramedic were lowered down by ropes.

They got to work stabilising the man who fell, a 64-year-old.

"They got him into a basket stretcher in the water. And then we had a team up top set up lines and haul him up with the help of his friends and bystanders," Mr Geiger said.

"He was transported by Queensland Ambulance. I know he was a bit beat up. He was complaining of a sore neck and he'd obviously taken a head knock at some point.

"Because of the size of the fall I'm sure he's feeling a bit sore for the experience. Hopefully with no serious injuries."

Mr Geiger said the man's rescue in the middle of the night - which took at least an hour - involved a stellar team effort by police, paramedics, fire and rescue crew and members of the public.

"It was around a fishing shack of some description and they had a little lighting at the shack. But RACQ CQ Rescue's chopper was tasked for a bit and provided light from the air with their spotlight," he said.

"All of us had our torches, so we managed to get enough light. Everyone did what they had to do. It was a good outcome in the end and I'd sau he's a lucky man."

Mr Geiger said his crew left Mackay about 12.30am and returned about 4.30am.

"The importance was stabilising him out there. We then had enough time to set up our systems to get him up. It certainly wasn't rushed," he said.

Mr Geiger praised the man's friend for his valiant effort on what was supposed to be just a "weekend out fishing with his mates".

The 64-year-old left hospital on Saturday afternoon, said a Mackay Base Hospital spokeswoman.

Mackay Station officer Matt Geiger and his crew were involved in the rescue overnight in Calen.
Mackay Station officer Matt Geiger and his crew were involved in the rescue overnight in Calen. Dominic Geiger

INITIAL: A MAN has fallen about 10m down an embankment into shallow, crocodile infested waters while fishing overnight.

Queensland Ambulance Service were called to McDermotts Road in Calen about 12.30am on Saturday, a spokesman said.

It's understood a member of the public bravely leapt into the shallow water to keep the man who had fallen from slipping underwater, as he was unconscious.

He apparently held the man's head above the water level until help arrived.

Battling to find access into a campsite in the dark, paramedics eventually found the man, thought to be aged in his 60s.

The rescue effort, also involving police fire and rescue personnel, took at least an hour and a boat was used to drive any crocodiles away.

The Queensland Ambulance spokesman was unable to say what injuries the man suffered in the fall.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Service and Queensland Police Service have been contacted for more information.

Mackay Base Hospital has also been contacted.

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