Expensive 60 minutes for Q'lander

IN less than an hour an alleged drink driver managed to rack up seven charges in Coffs Harbour yesterday.

The persistent traffic offender even spent a stint in the cells after the number plates were removed from his vehicle.

Police say it all started when the 23-year-old Queenslander was pulled over in Albany Street at 1am.

Checks with the RTA found his motor vehicle was unregistered and uninsured.

Failing a breath test, he was taken to the police station and charged.

Fined over the traffic offences and issued with a court appearance notice he was sent on his way and warned not to drive.

Then at 1.58am he was again stopped, this time on the Pacific Highway.

Once again the man ‘blew the bag’ and was returned to the station where he returned a mid range reading of 0.82.

Police say he was held in the cells, on the likelihood he may again try to drive.

The 23-year-old was charged with two counts of mid-range drink driving, driving whilst suspended and two offences of unregistered and uninsured driving.

He is due to appear in Coffs Harbour Local Court later this month.

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