Is there treasure in your shed?
Is there treasure in your shed?

Is there treasure in your shed?

A UK farmer who discovered an old table stored in a damp stable at the back of his paddock got a windfall of close to $60,000 when the table turned out to be a prized antique.

The auctioneer had to climb over two fences, shuffle past a couple of donkeys and squeeze into the corner of the stable just to see the table, which was water damaged and covered in dirt. The farmer no idea of its value… and was thinking about taking it to the tip.

There must be thousands of stories without such a happy ending, where people dump stuff that other people would pay good money for. The problem is simply that most people don't know how to tell if something old has any value or not.

Luckily for the residents of Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie, two of the most respected names in antiques are coming to town in early July. And they're here to tell you if your old junk is actually a treasure.

Alan Carter and Eric Knowles are both huge names in the world of antique collecting. Alan is the best-known face in the Australian antiques scene, having published more than 50 books (including 25 Price Guides), produced more than 30 DVDs, organised more than 20 antiques fairs and hosted more than 50 episodes of the TV programme Treasure Hunt.

Eric Knowles is an internationally recognised antiques expert from The Antiques Roadshow and in the UK he is currently appearing in three different antiques programmes, as well as performing regular radio interviews, writing a series of books and touring the UK with his one-man show.

Eric and Alan are teaming up in July to tour the east coast of Australia and identify trash from treasure - and they're starting off in Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie.

At the Eric and Alan Touring Roadshows, Eric and Alan each give an entertaining talk about their experiences in the antiques trade before valuing items that are brought in for examination by the audience. And there's no telling what they might find… "A little piece of pottery could be worth thousands of dollars," says Alan. "I once found a pair of whale's teeth that the owner was going to throw away… I got $24,000 for her. And then there was a painting that was worth $100,000! It's very exciting when things like that turn up."

So turn out your shed, get the gear from your garage and take it along to the Eric and Alan Touriing Roadshow - in Coffs Harbour on July 4 and in Port Macquarie on July 5. There will never be another chance to have your trash or treasure sorted by two such experienced industry professionals. And you'll have a great evening out too!

The Coffs Harbour show is at C.ex Coffs in Vernon Street on Saturday, July 4 and the Port Macquarie show is at Panthers in Bay Street on Sunday 5th July.
Both events begin at 6.30pm and finish at 9.30pm.
Tickets are $10 and you can call Alan direct on 0421 026 408.

ALAN: 0421 026 408 - Alan is available for interviews at any time
ERIC is available for interview from July 2nd. Call Alan to arrange on 0421 026 408.
Email: abn 90656 278 281

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