Martial arts growing fast in Coffs

Randy Holeman takes students through some patterns at Diamond Martial Arts.
Randy Holeman takes students through some patterns at Diamond Martial Arts. Rob Wright

AMERICAN martial arts instructor Randy Holeman may be one of the best business leaders in the industry but his visit to Coffs Harbour’s Diamond Martial Arts (DMA) centre had nothing to do with money.

Holeman is touring the Australian capital cities with the presenter of Discovery Channel’s Go Warrior Rolan Osborne showing their Power Summit presentations but the pair’s visit to Coffs was simply about instructing the young students in DMA on some of the finer points that they have learned through their many years of training.

Holeman actually added that as far as junior participation is concerned, numbers in martial arts are greater than many other traditional Australian sports like cricket.

“I was blown away when I discovered youth martial arts in Australia has a 19 per cent greater growth rate than soccer, the world’s largest sport,” Holeman said.

“Martial arts has the most potential of any sport in this country.”

There was no shortage of participation during the visit to DMA. Every word that the renowned pair spoke was listened to with extraordinary attention.

Holeman said that martial arts in Coffs Harbour is growing at a rapid rate. A rate that could see Diamond Martial Arts one day become one of the biggest martial arts schools in the country.

Not that Holeman says that is very difficult.

Without being critical of the set-up of martial arts schools, he says many schools haven’t harnessed the growth yet but DMA looks like being a different kettle of fish.

“There’s enormous growth, it astounds me that 91 per cent of martial arts schools have less than 200 students,” the martial arts master said.

“Our training provides school owners with the tools they need to reach the top nine per cent.”

It also provided the students with an experience that they will never forget.