World Foot In Mouth Day
World Foot In Mouth Day g-stockstudio

International Foot In Mouth Day: Whispers

SOME men can't help but put their foot in it, as this, from a high-profile chap around town, displays.

Our man reported to Whispers: "Had dinner with a friend last night when not unexpectedly, International Women's Day came up in discussion.

"I asked the question, 'do we celebrate International Men's Day'?

"Her response was, 'Yes, absolutely... 364 days a year - just NOT on March 8'.

"I laughed... then changed the subject."

Flash car, not so flash passenger

TOOWOOMBA lass stepping out in Brisbane really stepped in it.

Told by her husband that a friend of theirs would be picking them up in his "flash car", our lass was patiently waiting on the footpath when a brand new SUV pulled up.

She was impressed as the doors opened electronically before her.

"Wow," she said as she hopped into the "limo".

It was only then she spotted a startled Asian man who asked "Who you?"

Realising it wasn't her friend's car, she bid a hasty retreat.

Never assume

SOUTH Toowoomba woman was pottering around in her garage when the next-door neighbour popped over.

"I just wanted to let you know we're having a party tonight…." he began.

Pre-empting her invite, the woman graciously declined, stating she already had plans but thank you very much.

"…Anyway, I just wanted to pop over and let you know the music would be loud," the neighbour finished awkwardly.

Mixed messages

A LESS than techno-savvy resident tried to forward her daughter a text message received by her eight-year-old granddaughter. Daughter tried to explain to how to forward the message but to no avail. Weeks later, mother and daughter were texting back and forth when one of the mother's replies spoke of RSPCA.

Confused, the daughter replied "??".

Mum explained: "This was the message I tried to send you weeks ago - I don't know how I did it and now I can't get rid of it".

BREAKING: Crash site found for missing plane

premium_icon BREAKING: Crash site found for missing plane

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