Innovative solution to Northern NSW homeless crisis

Backpack beds helping the region's homeless.
Backpack beds helping the region's homeless.

A recent delivery of Backpack Beds has been a welcomed relief for street sleeping homeless people in the Northern New South Wales region.

Our Two Hands director Bianca Bowman said there is a high demand for emergency support for street sleeping homeless people in the region.

"Basically, our area has only 4% of the NSW population but we have almost 20% of the rough sleepers," she said.

"When we researched online for the most appropriate assistance, we kept on coming back to the Backpack Bed because it was so versatile. For people sleeping on the streets in rural NSW it is just so important that they are safe and have something secure and robust to sleep in."

Our Two Hands public officer MacDonald said they recently handed a Backpack Bed to a 30 year old man who burst into tears when he received it.

"I have seen him almost every day since and it is proudly carried on his back wherever he goes," Mr MacDonald said.

Our Two Hands is one of 550 homeless agencies across Australia that partners with Backpack Bed for Homeless to provide Backpack Beds to street sleeping homeless without shelter.

Backpack Bed for Homeless Operations Manager Lisa Clark said during the past year almost 4,500 Backpack Beds were supplied across Australia.

"Our acclaimed Backpack Beds provide a dignified alternative to those who have no where else to go," Ms Clark said.

"All our work is without government funding. We rely on amazing people in the community to help us with fundraising to provide Backpack Beds to homeless agencies like Our Two Hands."

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