India takes on sewage plan

SUE and Col Lennox were celebrating last week, albeit quietly from their back veranda in Gordonville.

After years of campaigning, including tireless social, political and legal activism, they had received the astonishing news that all levels of Indian bureaucracy, local, State and Federal, had agreed to adopt their best practice plans for sewage treatment on the sub-continent.

Stage one will be a pilot plant in Varanasi, most sacred and polluted site on the Ganges River, to be built by the Lennox's partner organisation in India, the Sankat Mochan Foundation.

Welcome to the world of OzGREEN, the social enterprise founded by the couple in 1992, now involved in multiple projects around the planet in an effort to save it.

“When we started water was our prime focus because monitoring waterways gives a pretty good indication of the health of entire catchments,” Col said.

“But we've broadened out as the issues of climate change and sustainability have gained momentum.”

According to Col in the past few years there has been a real explosion of interest in their programs, which look at guiding communities towards sustainability.

“Our programs are about creating models and providing leadership and demonstrating how things can be done differently,” Sue said.

“The desire for change is growing into a massive movement, which is very exciting.

“Moving to Bellingen, away from Sydney, has been wonderful because the community is so receptive - I don't feel like an alien here.”

Since arriving 18 months ago, OzGREEN has introduced a number of their Living Communities and Leadership programs and been thrilled with the interest shown.

“The programs fit well with the Transitions Towns initiatives plus we have 20 years experience behind us,” Sue said.

“The council and the business community have also shown genuine interest in being agents for change, which is great.”

Sue and Col will be at the Bellingen Renewable Energy Fair on Saturday, May 30, measuring people's carbon footprints.

The information will be placed on a giant wall chart to show how many planets we would need to sustain our lifestyles.

They will also be providing details about what you can do to reduce your footprint. For more information about the Fair phone 0408 936 774.

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