A FEW nights ago my brother and I were intimidated and threatened by a group of young imbeciles drinking outside a local bottle shop.

We commented as we passed that the actions of one of the group who was urinating on a wall in full view of an adjacent roundabout was not very pleasant considering the local environment.

The police were rung and the incident reported however we did not see any follow up action.

The area in question is the Jetty strip.

Eighteen months ago my wife and I took out-of-town visitors to the Jetty strip for dinner on a Wednesday night.

Imagine our disgust to find two men with beers in hand urinating in the gutter of Harbour Dr.

The point of this letter however is to raise the issue of public behaviour.

I am no saint.

I am also a publican, albeit from another state.

If people cannot act decently and responsibly in public and the police cannot act when public misdemeanours are reported then we are doomed to even more draconian laws and nannystateitis than we already have.


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