Illegal dumping an eyesore at Sapphire

NICK Jankovic is disgusted and disappointed at the careless disregard people are showing for the forest at Settles Road, Sapphire Beach.

As a Sapphire Beach resident, every morning Mr Jankovic takes a walk along Settles Road, the road that connects Gaudrons Road and Old Bucca Road - and has noticed that people have been increasingly using the isolated area as a dumping ground.

"Over the past couple of years I've noticed it getting worse," Mr Jankovic said.

"It started with the NSW Forestry when they tree harvested. They left it looking like it had been hit by Hurricane Katrina. Then it was green waste, trees and branches and things.

"But now, people are dumping building materials."

Along the dirt road there are now boxes of broken tiles, toilet pans, exhaust fans and other various construction bits and pieces.

Mr Jankovic called Coffs Harbour City Council and spoke to a ranger, who inspected the site but informed Mr Jankovic he was unable to do anything because it lay under NSW Forestry jurisdiction.

Mr Jankovic said it was sad to watch such a lovely area being degraded.

"Surely we can find out who is doing this," he asked.

NSW Forestry had not returned calls at the time of going to press.

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