Identifying the key clubs

THERE has been a long-standing saying in golf that we “drive for show and putt for dough” and the stats from tours across the world would support this view.

However, the reverse side of the argument could be that in order to have a chance to putt, first you have to get to the green.

There are three clubs that we know from experience are keys to playing and scoring well.

These are the driver or whatever we use from the tee, the wedge and, of course, the putter. The tee shot obviously sets up the potential score on any hole.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean hitting it miles down the fairway but simply playing your next shot off the short grass of the fairway.

It is a much easier game playing from the fairway rather than the rough or jungle.

To develop control and confidence to consistently hit the fairways from the tee provides a strong foundation to attack any hole.

The next club to work on is the wedge as this little beauty will, if mastered, allow you the opportunity to salvage a par on any hole if a poor tee shot is played and also convert scoring chances when an ideal tee shot has been played.

And no prizes for guessing that the putter is critical in any successful round.

Even in great ball striking rounds putting is so important to scoring and in those rounds where the swing may be off a little, a solid understanding of putting will keep your scoring competitive.

The message from this week’s Tee Talk is work on all or any of these three clubs as they will provide all players a solid foundation for their game.

Good golfing.

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