Ice dealer stays behind bars after Ballina drug sale

A DRUG dealer who used a Ballina truck depot to organise the sale of 55 grams of the drug ice has had failed to have his prison sentence reduced.

Michael Lago was given four years' jail after selling methamphetamine to an interstate truck driver in April 2013.

Phone conversations between Lago and driver David Scott revealed the pair spoke in code, with Scott saying he would "like to catch up with your mate for a game of pool or two".

Scott paid for the drugs, which could have cost up to $27,000, at a truck depot before taking delivery of them in Sydney's west two days later.

He told Lago to "take your bit out and that way a few expenses are covered" during another intercepted phone call.

Police found the truckie a short while after the deal with the drugs hidden near the landing legs of his trailer.

Lago was arrested on the same day.

Scott was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison for his part.

Lago's efforts to convince the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal to give him more lenient punishment have proved fruitless.

Justice Murray Gleeson found the sentencing judge was right not to believe Lago's claim he was just helping out a mate and that it "was the only time".

Lago will be eligible for parole in February next year.


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