Accused ice dealer walks from court after bail granted

A 45-YEAR-OLD Grafton man with a history of violence and facing charges of ice dealing has been granted bail.

Christopher McGrail appeared in Grafton Local Court facing charges of supplying a substance (methylamphetamines), possession of a prohibited drug and possession of a large sum of money believed to have been obtained dishonestly.

Police arrested McGrail and a co-accused in South Grafton on May 17 this year.

He was also in court on Tuesday to have a Community Service Order revoked. He was serving the CSO after a conviction on a disqualified driver charge.

The court heard McGrail's violent behaviour to CSO staff was one of the reasons to revoke the order.

However, his defence solicitor said his client had been upset by the death of his son, Grafton Ghosts under-18 footballer Clinton McGrail-Skinner.

In objecting to the bail application the police prosecutor described McGrail as an habitually violent man with a history of non-compliance with court orders.

"He was acting aggressively and making threats towards CSO staff," he said. "I have no confidence he would comply with any order you make."

He said the only way bail could be appropriate was if the police case was weak.

"It's not strong, but it's not inherently weak," he said.

The court heard police have yet to complete their investigations into the case, which also affected the bail conditions.

In granting bail Magistrate Robyn Denes said McGrail's record did not help him, but she noted he had been in custody since May and there was still some time for the police case to run.

"The case against him is not strong, but it is not weak, but that could change depending on the outcome of the investigation," she said.

Ms Denes placed conditions on McGrail to stop him having contact with his co-accused and witnesses. He also had to pay sureties totalling $3000.

McGrail will appear in court on September 6.

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