'I don't want Muslims coming here': Katter caught on tape

MAVERICK MP Bob Katter has been caught on camera saying he doesn't want "any Muslims" in Australia before immediately backtracking on his own comment.

The Federal Member for Kennedy was in a NSW pub when a Sydney man, who introduced himself as Kev, bailed him up on film and accused the MP of "racist vibes".

"You don't like much, do you really?" Kev asked the Federal Member for Kennedy.

Katter replied: "We're nice to you white blokes, I think we are."

Kev then asked Mr Katter if he was "in bed" with One Nation to which the MP replied "I don't want any Muslims coming here".

The MP quickly tried to retract his statement adding "I shouldn't say that".

"You don't want any of them coming here at all do you, Bob Katter?" Kev asked.

Mr Katter then became visibly annoyed and replied "that's not what I said" accusing Kev of "telling lies" before storming off.

The video was shared to Kev's Facebook page on Friday night with the caption "Holy f*** Bob Katter was just at the pub and I hit him up about his racist vibes and he clicked it!!!" and has since amassed more than 56,000 views.

The footage has prompted polarising opinions on social media with some viewers congratulating the Sydney man and others unhappy with his expletive ridden interaction with the MP, calling it "rude".

Some viewers have said Mr Katter made the comments while posing for what he believed was a photo, not realising it was recording.

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