I agree one in four hospital patients are worse off

THE report on the hospitals of one in four patients being worse off has certainly been true for my husband who recently had heart surgery in Sydney.

It went fine, but his prostate problem which he had been receiving treatment before the operation flared up badly.

No matter who he talked to from the surgeon down to nursing staff nothing was done by the time he came home.

Ten days later he was in a terrible state. Luckily his GP sent him for a scan and than he was rushed to emergency for a catheter to be put in and now is looking at having surgical intervention to fix the problem.

Jules Midavai, Bonville

Television and remote control.Photo: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily
Television and remote control.Photo: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily Brett Wortman

There's nothing good on the box anymore

TO all our television free to air stations.

What the heck have you done.

Where is all the intelligence in all the reality shows?

Whatever happened to the good shows and movies?

And what about the time slots, staggered to finish whenever.

All your subsidiary channels, why bother having any when they only have either what's on the main channel or repeats of the day or night before.

Movies are the same how old is the move Juice and how many times has that been shown on one channel then the next and so on it goes. Give us a break.

Some of us seniors can't afford pay tc, so you keep giving us crap to watch, so what's the point in owning a television and being loyal to a channel.

Just how many more love sick, celebrity and cooking shows can we put up with, when we can't even get the V8s unless its an endurance race, but we get the grand prix.

come on fix the system even if a lot of us are not online we are not stupid and shouldn't have to put up with what you dish out.

GM, Woolgoolga

Coffs Harbour City Council is tiring of the unsightly mess that comes with the bulky goods collection.
Coffs Harbour City Council is tiring of the unsightly mess that comes with the bulky goods collection. Rob Wright

New 'free' kerbside pick-up service

I RECOGNISE there have been issues with the kerbside collection service but in my suburb I saw a functional orderly system with an effective unofficial recycling program in the week before collection.

I expect council to come up with a cunning plan (i.e. a booking system or improvements to our Woolgoolga waste facility) to solve problems and continue the service not desperately clamour to snatch away yet another service and then insult our intelligence by dressing it up as a new service.

I hope council is not planning to roll out a 'new' sewage service.

David Redman

Bill Shorten.
Bill Shorten. Andrew Taylor

Electoral Funding & Disclosure Reform

I CALL upon the ALP and pivotal Independents to oppose and vote down the dangerous Electoral Legislation Amendment (Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform) Bill.

This Bill forces disclosure of donations to citizen-based advocacy groups. It can only lead to a decline in support for these groups.

Community based advocacy organisations must be fostered to ensure grass roots campaigns are given a voice.

Back-door Bills such as these are an underhand tactic to undermine groups who challenge those with power.

It strikes at the heart of the democratic rights of the people of Australia.

Senators must take a stand to block this bill.

The mark of a true democracy is where healthy debate and dissent is not compromised.

Dominique White, Woolgoolga

A 'hydro house' operation.
A 'hydro house' operation.

Cannabis is a mind altering mistake

MARIJUANA causes psychosis, wrecks all of the brain cells permanently and causes suicidal tendencies.

It sends you mad, two to three joints a day. Manic and delusional.

The drug changes the chemical balance of the brain causing schizophrenia and drug addiction.

The earlier it's used the more damage is caused.

A small percentage of teenagers don't recover and there is nothing that can be done for them.


Rabbit Calicivirus
Rabbit Calicivirus Jasmine Minhas

Calicivirus release at Emerald Beach

OUR local neighbourhood will be or likely has already been exposed to the calicivirus, which is released with the help of land control services, to land owners who have made a complaint about pest animals.

Calicivirus is released to kill rabbits by spreading through contact from rabbit to rabbit, or contact with people, animals, flies, etc. It causes them to bleed internally, in some cases bleeding externally. It is an inhumane death by most accounts. 

For several months there have been domestic rabbits (likely purchased from a pet shop) who were released or escaped into the wild, living at Emerald Heights. 

I was in contact with council about this situation quite some time ago to attempt preventative measures and see what could be done to help the rabbits in a humane way, keeping in mind many of these domestic rabbits are unable to survive the conditions that wild rabbits can survive and were dying from predators as well as generating human contempt.

Council referred me to, 'The Rabbit Sanctuary,' a wonderful initiative out of South Grafton that assists in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming rabbits who are in threatening situations.

The Rabbit Sanctuary worked very closely with Tweed council to combat a more serious situation of rabbits breeding in that local area. 

Recently through neighbourhood whispers I heard that some land owners very near to my house were obtaining licenses from council to poison the rabbits.

After a series of phone calls I was able to find out directly from 'local land services' that this is part of the story. Apparently the plan to release the calicivirus on my street was already in action.

They were helpful in answering questions about this situation but refuse to tell me when it will be released. I took it upon myself to notify other land owners in the area who were unaware of this measure being taken.

Some of these landowners have pet rabbits themselves and need to take action to keep them safe. As with any immunisation, there is no guarantee of immunity, and rabbit owners especially have something to worry about with the unpredictable nature of the calicivirus. 

Why is it that certain landowners who want to eradicate the rabbits through putting this virus out into the neighbourhood are privileged enough to have this knowledge while those who may not be in favour but also will be affected, are not given any notification or say in this matter? 

Upon receiving a heads up about this issue, the date of the release is also refused to be passed on because residents can't be trusted not to blame the virus for deaths of other animals. 

I appreciate the concern that wild rabbits present and even the domestic ones who were so irresponsibly released in my neighbourhood.

What I can't appreciate is that some members of the community are given this information while others are refused. We all should have the right to know what is happening.

I am writing from the perspective of a Mother with children who adore these creatures and have not ever seen them out of the context of a family pet.

Now we will see them ill, possibly bleeding, infectious, dying and dead.

Surely I deserve the respect for a little bit more of a heads up and information about when this will occur, where and what we will all need to do to dispose safely of any carcasses that we come upon.  

I'm not attempting to challenge the law or to put a stop to the measures that our government feels need to be in place to protect land, but I own land, pay my rates, pay my taxes and simply because I choose not to poison a creature that some perceive to be a "pest" does not mean I should be left uninformed, unprepared and powerless to take the measures needed to protect my own family.

Surely they could find a better way. My kids and I with the help of a few friendly neighbours have caught and successfully re-homed six of these helpless creatures to responsible owners. Perhaps Government initiatives that target the selling, breeding and devaluing of these pets would be more effective. 

Please contact me if you would like any further information.

Alternatively if you would like to let the residents of Emerald Beach know about this outcome, I bet they would appreciate it. 

Laura Barr

Two in custody after high speed pursuit

premium_icon Two in custody after high speed pursuit

POLICE have taken two people into custody after a crash in Coffs

Site plan released for new housing estate

premium_icon Site plan released for new housing estate

Retail company Gowings Bros is developing a 220-lot housing estate

Playground to make a difference for the kids

premium_icon Playground to make a difference for the kids

Elder who played here as a child, welcomes funds for a new era