Elliot and his wife Donna before her death.
Elliot and his wife Donna before her death.

Father’s viral post leads to Facebook suspension

WARNING: Distressing content.

A man, whose heartbreaking post about his wife's death went viral, has lashed out at Facebook after it allegedly suspended his account.

On December 22, father-of-four Elliot Lowe took to social media to implore other women to get checked for cervical cancer after it killed his wife Donna earlier this year.

"A year ago to date my beautiful wife, my best friend, the mother to our four beautiful children, my world, my soulmate in fact my everything was given a diagnosis by Milton Keynes Hospital that would devastate our lives and change it forever," he wrote.

As well as his lengthy message, Mr Lowe also posted two photos of his wife, one of her healthy and smiling and another of her struggling with terminal cancer.

In less than a week, the post has gone viral, racking up 48,000 likes and almost 33,000 shares.

But the high volume of attention around the post led Facebook to think Mr Lowe's account was under threat - and the company suspended it.

"My Facebook account was suspended on Saturday morning due to what Facebook said was suspicious activity and as a security procedure," Mr Lowe told The Independent.

"I was requested to send another picture of myself to confirm my identity, which I did.

"While my account was being reviewed no one was able to contact me or see my post."

Eventually, his account was reopened.

"I can only assume it was due to the number of messages I was sent in support of my aim to raise awareness of cervical cancer and the number of times my post has been shared which I believe is in the region of 30,000," he told the publication.

It was last year, three days before Christmas that the Lowes, who live in a town north of London, were given the news no family wants to hear.

By January 10 of this year, Donna had been diagnosed with stage four cancer.

"Despite a very hard, but brutal fight against the cancer involving daily radiotherapy for six weeks and a chemotherapy session, a session which had to stop due to complications, it was a diagnosis that was to claim her life," Mr Lowe's heartbreaking post read.

On August 5, in her husband's arms and surrounded by their four young children and other family members, Donna passed away at the age of 32.

In his heartbreaking post, the father-of-four revealed his wife had delayed her latest cervical screening.

"My wonderful wife postponed her last smear for reasons I can't even remember, believe me I've tried to remember and there's not a day goes by I wish I could swap places with her or wish I'd dragged her to the appointment and rearranged it for her," he wrote.

"I am aware it's not the most comfortable or dignified of experiences for women to go through but the consequences of missing one devastates life's for everyone connected and will do for generations to come, I wake up every morning alone, bring my kids up alone. yes I have family around me supporting me, and I'm truly thankful for that, but it's never the same nor will it be," he added.

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