How much are you drinking?


ALCOHOL abuse has to go under the microscope and Coffs Coast residents should consider the effect their alcohol habits have on others, according to the Salvation Army.

The call comes as new research finds 4.3 million people claim alcohol has had a negative impact on them or their family, 2 million people say they or their family have experienced children being scared as a result of alcohol consumption in the family and more than 8.4 million people now want alcohol advertising reduced.

Salvation Army spokesman Gerard Byrne said the findings aren't surprising.

“A large proportion of people who seek out help have been negatively affected by alcohol abuse,” Mr Byrne said.

“Naturally we respect the right of all adults to choose to use alcohol responsibly, yet we urge all Australians who enjoy a social drink to consider whether they are having a negative impact on their family.”

Major Phillip Maxwell wants a full review of the issue and said the community is clearly concerned by the amount of alcohol advertising.

“There's too much of it out there, the whole issue has to go under the microscope,” he said.

“To the extent that advertising needs to be seen as part of the problem, we think that the relevant government policy makers should listen very clearly to those 70 per cent of respondents.”

Australian Family Association national spokesman, John Morrissey, said the use and abuse of alcohol is deep-rooted in our culture at all levels.

“For young people, drinking is ingrained as a rite of passage,” Mr Morrissey said.

“It certainly makes alcohol a natural for advertising, which is now pervasive, associating drinking with legends of sport, just as was once done with tobacco.”


• 8.4 million want alcohol advertising reduced. • 3.6 million say alcohol advertising should be banned. • 4.3 million say alcohol has had a negative impact on their family. • 2 million say their family have experienced physical arguments. • 2.3 million say their family have had health problems due to alcohol consumption. • 1.3 million say their family have had financial difficulties due to alcohol.

Source: Roy Morgan

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