How to look like Cate Blanchett

She's a celebrity, climate change campaigner, and devoted wife but most importantly, Cate Blanchett is a mother.

The Aussie actress has three young sons with hubby Andrew Upton and somehow manages to juggle her filming schedule and social commitments with being a full-time mum.

She is also an Academy Award winner and is careful not to be stereotyped, choosing roles that challenge her, including playing Bob Dylan in I’m Not There and Elizabeth I in Elizabeth.

But the most intriguing thing about Cate, who is arguably one of Australia’s most successful exports, is that in the midst of what seems like chaos, she manages to keep looking demure and forever elegant.

She has a penchant for metallics and often accessorises with colourful necklaces.

Her trademark blonde hair is reminiscent of Grace Kelly, although she isn’t afraid to trade in her locks for her art.

Cate tends to shy away from anything too rock- influenced, instead opting for the classic look. That said, she can also be spotted strolling around Sydney in a pair of jeans and flats, very at home in the more casual wear.

To achieve Cate’s fresh look, try labels such as Wayne Cooper and Review. But if money is no object, then splash out on some Armani gowns – they’re a fave with Cate.

Cate keeps her hair very simple with a few finger curls – sometimes pinned, sometimes not. The key is make it look effortless.

As for make-up, Cate again keeps it simple with a hint of colour on the cheeks, peachy lips and a swipe of mascara.

Flawless yet fun, Cate is a modern-day style icon.

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