How a man fled the law, but the law won

IN a stolen car, Christopher James Burgess and his female accomplice went on a crime spree breaking into a restaurant and robbing two video stores before trying to outrun police.

The law caught up with them last September and this week a jail term followed for Burgess as he was sentenced on a raft of serious charges in the District Court.

Burgess, 24, was ordered to serve concurrent prison terms, amounting to a maximum of three years and nine months behind bars.

The long list of crimes started with the theft of a Hyundai Excel in Queensland, which Burgess and his friend drove to the Gold Coast.

In need of money, he broke into the Ballina McDonalds on September 26, at 12.45am, jemmying open the drive-through window and stealing a cash register.

The crime was captured by security cameras while the store manager gave police a description of the getaway vehicle.

On the run from police, the couple was in Woolgoolga a day later.

This time Burgess’ friend distracted an employee at the town’s Video Ezy store while he walked in, opened the till and took its contents.

The employee confronted him outside the store, but was knocked to the ground.

Spending time at a Coffs Harbour hotel, the couple pulled the same stunt at Video Ezy Coffs Harbour just hours later.

Police sped to the scene at 8.20pm, spotting the Hyundai in traffic.

Giving chase, the officers saw the vehicle in Albany Street.

They drew their firearms as they approached.

But Burgess sped towards them crashing into a parked car.

The chase continued to Park Avenue Lane, where the woman was arrested.

Burgess fled on foot, but was caught by officers, copping a dose of capsicum spray as he was handcuffed.

His list of charges included use a motor vehicle to avoid apprehension, stealing/larceny, break, enter and steal, assault, mid-range drink driving and drive in a manner dangerous.

The earliest he will be released from jail is June, 2012.

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